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Available in almost any colour and featuring bespoke designs and shapes to incorporate different tools and equipment. Using a special antibacterial panel range which is designed specially for laboratory environments. Trespa TopLab the panels we use for labs, is a stylish and diverse board, whilst also providing a high standard of hygiene and durability. This product is perfect for areas were chemical, analytical and biological supplies will be used.

Laboratory Furniture Board Details

The board used boasts a closed surface composition that retains an amazingly low volume of dirt. Its composition also means that regardless of the conditions the board is kept in it will not rot or grow mold. The panel is also highly resistant to non-abrasive organic cleaning solvents, which makes it perfect for lab areas where it may be exposed to many different chemicals.

Specialist Laboratory Furniture

We can create specialist lab furniture that is strong, clean and practical. The worktops can be drilled and shaped to fit specialist equipment or run of the mill lab features such as gas taps and sinks.

Lab Images

Take a look at some of the products we can offer:

science laboratory table tops school science lab tops