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Furniture for Student Housing

We design and manufacture a wide range of student accommodation furniture for student housing. Student housing can often require simple pre-installed furniture that will be reliable, uniform and will not need replacing every few years.

Reliable Student Furniture

All our student furniture components are made from hard wearing panels that will remain sturdy and safe for years. Products like bed frames, cabinets, vanity units, desks, wall boards and other storage furniture. It can all be manufactured in varying amounts depending on your order, delivered as flat pack furniture.
Our accommodation furniture can be supplied in many colours and finishes, from traditional wood patterns to vibrant hues of reds and blues, there are so many options you will always be able to get the right furniture components to match your decor.

Student Accommodation Images

Take a look at some of the products we can offer:

student Accommodation Furniture student Accommodation Furniture perimeter table