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Furniture for the Education Sector

Design versatility, durability and high performance are all essential when delivering contract furniture to schools and other educational facilities. Total Panel Products understands that the learning environment can be disrupted by uncomfortable furniture, that's why we work closely with you to map out the ideal solution for what you need. Ensuring you receive a quality product that lasts a long time and doesn't break the bank

We provide many standard and bespoke furniture components for the education sector. These products include tables, school desks, student lockers and indoor benches(both perimeter and stand alone). All furniture comes supplied with the required fittings.

Our bespoke products come with custom cutouts for sinks and other service outlets depending on the requirements requested. We can create a fine range of workstation tops, free standing desks and many other products, all built using using a wide array of boards(SGL, MFC, MDF etc.) With so many options we can create the perfect product to suit your needs.

Infant and Junior School Products

For infants and juniors we can create low height tables and desks in bright, vibrant colours that will transform the classroom into a playful area for children to learn. Other products feature colourful fittings and products such as lockers and desks can be printed with fun/education imagery.

Senior School Products

For seniors we can provide panel products such as desks, tables, worktops, pigeon holes, lockers and more with some products featuring school emblems or other designs if required.

School Images

Take a look at some of the products we can offer:

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