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Furniture for Hospitals and Clinics

Our specialist Healthcare furniture components for hospitals, doctor's practices and other healthcare establishments is a range high quality and bespoke products that can be adapted to any project.
All our products are available in huge range of colours, patterns and textures, with a high quality finish and bespoke measurements.
Our most popular products include base and wall storage units, reception desks, wall paneling and lockable cabinets, all of which can be supplied in our anti-bacterial panels.

Anti-bacterial Products for Medical Facilities

Working hard at what we do, we can supply a varied range of furniture to a variety of medical facilities. Whether it be anti-bacterial counter tops for dentists, desks for GP's or furniture and cladding for hospitals, we have the solution.
Our products can be supplied as fully bespoke items, providing worktops, desks, tables and more... Each item can be customised to fit your room and application. Indents and holes to accommodate specific tools and instruments can also be applied, allowing for a fully customised product suitable for any medical area.

Cleanliness is very important to the operation of healthcare facilities. That's why we have anti-bacterial panels, that can be used in any facility requiring sterility. These boards can be cut and fitted seamlessly ensuring there is no space for bacteria to fester.

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Take a look at some of the products we can offer:

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