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Hotel Contract Furniture

Our expertise in hotel and accommodation furniture production has allowed us to manufacture and supply high quality furniture componants as either a stand alone product or an extension of your own production capabilities. The furniture componants we produce are durable and high quality, our componants have been used to furnish many hotels and other facilities throughout the UK.

Beds, Desks & Wardrobes...

We design and manufacture a wide range of hotel furniture. Our most popular products in this sector are beds, desks and wardrobes though we provide many more. Produced via our CNC machine our furniture can be created and replicated with almost 100% precision, allowing for us to produce large orders of identical furniture to furnish a hotel of any size.

Hotel Furnishing Products

Hotel furniture is a varied sector, hotels are a home away from home and therefore require almost everything you require at home but smaller and more functional, it also needs to be capable of mass production, to be used in the same rooms in the same hotels all over the country. The components we manufacture can be used in bedroom areas such as beds, drawers and wardrobes. Furniture for the living area is often required, desks and cabinets are often needed for work and storage.

All these components are produced from the highest quality materials, though the products themselves can range in size and complexity depending on the needs of the client. From a design point of view our products are excellent, making use of modern and minimalist design ideals, we can create attractive furnishings in a wide range of colours and woodgrains.

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Take a look at some of the products we can offer:

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