At Total Panel Products we have a wide array of Panel Processing machinery, ensuring we always have the righ tool for the job.

Homag Baz
Selco Beam saw
Biesse Rover
Homag Baz The Homag BAZ CNC Processing Center provides the perfect solution for the machining of components.
Selco Beamsaw The selco beamsaw is a single line panel sizing centre, which is the result of years of research and inovation.
striebig Tried-and-tested over decades, it can almost be considered the VW Beetle of the vertical panel saw sector.
Ott Shark Edgebander Providing the most advanced automation edgbanding, the Ott Shark is edge bander with a quality fin-ish.
Biesse Rover With 20 Vertical and 8 Horizontal drill heads and a wide range of shaping tools the Biesse Rover is a capable CNC machine.
Anderson Selexx The Anderson CNC Nester can process wood,composites, MDF, Melamine board and other non ferrous materials in high accuracy and high production applications.