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Beam Saw Cutting

Beam Saw Cutting
MDF Cutting Service
Plywood Cutting Service
Melamine Cutting Service
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Chipboard Cutting Service
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Cut Panels & Machining Services

Total Panel Products specialises in cut to size machining services. Utalising our huge range of wood based products including but not limited to melamine, sgl, mdf and chipboard. We can machine products for virtually any end user, our panels are machined with precision allowing us to create oustanding product componants or simply work as an extension of your own production capabilities. The products we manufacture require a high level of carefully calibrated accuracy, which is expertly implemented by our experienced team.

In recent years we have invested heavily in the production facilites at our UK factory. The recent purchase of a second beamsaw as well as a Homag Baz CNC machine, has lead to a dramatic increase in production speed and quality.