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Plywood Cutting

Total panel products can provide plywood panel cutting with fast lead times and unparallelled quality. Our state of the art beam saws provide an accurate and clean edge, ensuring each panel is cut perfectly to spec. Virtually every board that comes through TPP is put through one of our beam saw's so their quality is paramount. Each plywood panel we produce is inspected thoroughly, ensuring there is no cracks or splinters, before it is sanded and then finished off however the specifications dictate.

Plywood Panels

Plywood is one of the cheaper sheet materials. It is manufactured from thin rotated adjacent layers of wood veneer, it is then glued and pressed together.

Plywood panels are cut and laminated to give our Plywood products a much cleaner look. Plywood is easily drilled or rooted, making it a perfect choice for budget furniture.

Plywood Products

We can provide many products made from Plywood, such as tables, bed frames, desks, cladding and much more. Plywood is not water resistant so all Plywood products are for dry indoor areas.

Plywood Images

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