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Trespa Cutting

Total panel products can provide Trespa panel cutting with fast lead times and unparallelled quality. Our state of the art beam saws provide an accurate and clean edge, ensuring each panel is cut perfectly to spec. Virtually every board that comes through TPP is put through one of our beam saw's so their quality is paramount. Each Trespa panel we produce is inspected thoroughly, ensuring there is no cracks or splinters, before it is sanded and then finished off however the specifications dictate.

Trespa Boards

Trespa provide a wide range of panel products, providing solutions for furniture components and internal/external wall cladding. We make use of several of their boards (featured below) in many of our services.

Trespa Meteon

Trespa Meteon is sheet material used for exterior cladding, it comes in a nearly limitless range of colours wood grains. It incredibly resistant to all weather conditions. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain (including acid rain) or moisture have little of any effect on the panel's surface or core. The board features a UV resistant surface that is applied vertically, with a colour stability that meets the highest score classification. This means that the colours will not change significantly for at least ten years, even in areas with severe weather or pollution.

Trespa Virtuon

Trespa Virtuon is at the top of the list, when interior panels are required. Using an array of vibrant, modern and unique colours, Virtuon is the perfect solution for any panel product requiring strong colourful sheet materials. Virtuon also offers a Metallic colour range which contains unique glittering properties and colour-depth. With so many options available there really is no limit to the creative ways these panels can be used in both cladding and furniture.

Trespa Athlon

Trespa Athlon is a HPL decorative compact laminate with a melamine surface. Designed longevity in mind this is sheet material that will last, while also being attractive and versatile in its application. Perfect for the most demanding Interior applications, Athlon's durable panels that can meet virtually any specification.

Trespa TopLab

Created for lab environments, Trespa TopLab is a diverse and stylish product that provides a high standard of hygiene and durability. TopLab is the perfect solution for lab tables and other laboratory furniture due to its high performance were chemical, analytical and biological supplies will be used.

Trespa Images

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