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Edge Banding

Edge banding is a decorative strip of material used on the edges of panels to finish and seal raw edge. Edgebanding is an aethetic must for any component that needs to look stylish and high quality. Edge banding can be found on componants used in almost every sector, office and education sector especially. Total Panel Products offers options for straight, shaped or curved edge banding.

Edge Banding Services

For precise processing of coiled material to solid lipping's. Edge thickness from 0.3 to 3mm, Panel thickness up to 50 mm. High quality edging to your sheet materials, the process is precise allowing for only a hairline join between edging.

We are able to edge all industry standard boards, regardless of shape or size, our advanced machinery allows to edge even the most bespoke shapes, with a high quality finish.

We provide edgbanding for PVC and Veneer, with a vast array of stylish finishes and colours. If you require the edgbanding service for your own panels we are able to provide a matching band or the nearest colour available.