Sheet Material Postforming

Edge Banding
Laminate Bonding


We provide a wide range of post formed panels, with either external and internal radius edges. The sheet materials recommended for postforming are MDF or Chipboard. We can also produce post formed plywood however we do not advise this due to the strength of the board.

Post formed high pressure laminates are manufactured using high quality resins and papers intended to be used on Horizontal or Vertical indoor platforms. This is when it becomes necessary to roll the laminate on a radius over the edge of the core material.

Post formed compact grade laminates are created similar to HPL. They are manufactured using the same resins and papers, the only difference being that more layers are added. This material is self supporting and can be used with CNC machines.

Materials We Postform

Our postforming machinery can provide postforming options for several sheet materials: