Sheet Materials

Our products and services make use of a wide array of boards and laminates, ensuring we always provide the right materials for the project.

Sheet Materials
plywood board Plywood is one of the cheaper sheet materials manufactured from thin adjacent layers of wood veneer that are glued together.
mfc board MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard is a common wood panel which comes in various thicknesses and densities, depending on it application.
mdf board MDF or Medium-density fiberboard is a standard board we use in cheaper furniture products, only useable in dry areas.
trespa board A high caliber product, Trespa boards come in many different variants, as such the boards are used for different applications.
Formica board Formica is a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate that is bonded onto another board such as mdf or mfc.
polyrey board A high quality product, Polyrey offer may different boards, all of which can be used for products we manufacture.
polyrey board Polyrey boards with a Sanitized© ActiFresh treatment for added antibacterial properties.