Melamine Faced Chipboard

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MFC Boards

MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard is used in the vast majority of office furniture manufactured in the U.K. It comes in many varying thicknesses though the standard is 25mm. MFC has improved greatly over the years, it is now manufactured from real wood grain, which is pressed into a Melamine Film, that is processed onto chipboard. The chipboard is one of the key factors when deciding the MFC's density. Most domestic furniture uses the lighter low-density board, whereas commercial furniture is processed into a dense board, making the product stronger and less pliant.

MFC Processing

We have the capability to provide many different services when processing MFC, we cut the board to shape, and then edge it. We can produce both standard and bespoke MFC panels, we can drill, cut, route and edge band any MFC board, turning it into a high quality furniture component.

MFC Products

We can produce the highest quality of MFC furniture, desks, workstations, cupboards etc. As well as many more domestic and commercial items. MFC panels can come in many different colours and finishes, allowing for a very bespoke product.

MFC Images

Take a look at our MFC related images:

MFC sample 1 MFC sample 2